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Upgrade Your Lock to Anti Snap or Ultion Locks in Derby

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Anti-Snap & Ultion Lock Upgrades in Derby

Front doors come in all shapes, styles, and colours. If you walk down any street in Derby, you’ll see a whole range of door types. However, no matter what material the door is made from or the style of the door, it’s the lock that is of prime importance when it comes to the safety of your home.

The security of a front or back door starts with the strength of the lock, and for many doors in Derby, the locking mechanism is not as sturdy or durable as it may seem. Many off-the-shelf door locks are susceptible to common break in techniques, like lock snapping.

If you’re worried about the safety of your home and concerned that your door locks are not up to the task of keeping your home secure, then the locksmiths at Locksmith Derby are on hand to help. With our range of Anti Snap and Ultion lock systems, you can better protect your home and make breaking into your property a lot more difficult.

What Are Anti Snap Locks?

The best Anti Snap lock will increase the time that it takes to gain entry to a property, in some cases, substantially. Anti-Snap euro cylinder locks can be fitted to many standard doors without replacing the door, and they come available in a range of styles.

The purpose of Anti Snap locks is not to completely prevent snapping, but to make sure that the lock snaps in the ideal place to keep the door firmly secure. Anti-Snap locks have multiple sections, and different lines of defence that often include reinforced bars, grip defenders, and interlocking cams.

Ultion Anti Snap Lock Upgrades In Derby

Ultion Locks

What Is a Ultion Lock?

Ultion lock mechanisms are a high-security option to prevent lock snapping and other common techniques that intruders use to attempt to break into a property. A Ultion door lock can protect your home against lock bumping, drilling, and picking.

The design of a Ultion lock includes two sacrificial sections and a strong core that is able to react and more securely lock the door in the event of an intruder trying to force it. The lock is protected extensively in an Ultion lock, making any attempt to gain access once the frontal sections are removed extremely time-consuming and very loud.

Protecting Your Home with Quality Lock Upgrades

Anti-Snap door locks and Ultion door lock systems are both excellent ways to improve the security of your home without having to go to the expense of replacing front or back doors. The mechanisms are highly complex yet can be installed with ease by a professional locksmith.

Once either of the locks have been installed, you can rest assured knowing that any potential intruder is going to have a much harder time breaking into your home, and often a much noisier time. By removing the simplicity of snapping a lock and gaining virtually immediate entry, these high-security locks will make your home a lot less appealing to intruders.

Install Ultion Locks in Derby

Ultion Locks

Trustworthy Locksmith Services in Derby

As trusted Derby locksmiths, Locksmith Derby are always on hand to help you upgrade your residential or commercial locks day or night, and in an emergency. Our locksmith service offers a quick response, an excellent range of lock options, and a guarantee that you’re going to get the highest quality of service.

When you choose Locksmith Derby for your lock upgrades, your new lock will be insurance approved, to British Standard, and come with a minimum of 6-months warranty. Call us today for a free estimate on all Anti Snap or Ultion lock upgrades for your property.

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